Limecrete Screeds

Limecrete Screed
Lime Crete Screed

Limecrete is a combination of natural hydraulic lime and lightweight aggregate which can be used as an alternative to concrete. A limecrete floor consists of a compacted layer of Recycled Foamed Glass insulation on top of prepared sub-base and geotextile membrane with a 2-1 limecrete screed. This creates a breathable floor slab with a certain amount of flex. Underfloor heating works well with limecrete and can be laid directly in the slab or installed in the screed.

Lime Crete Screed over Underfloo Heating
Why Use Limecrete

Limecrete is used in old/listed buildings because of its ability to deal with naturally occurring moisture.  A modern house, built to modern standards, will be able to deal with moisture, without the trouble and expense of breathable construction. When it comes to old properties with stone floors laid directly on the earth, there is an argument that these are breathable floors and if you are replacing them, then there is a need for limecrete. 

Lime Crete being site mixed
Design & Install

At Southwest Screeding Solution we can design and install a limecrete floor within the specification of any building regulation or architectural requirements. Using a force action mixer we can site mix a limecrete floor that can also be used in conjunction with underfloor heating.

Lime Crete Sceed over Undrfloor Heating
Lime Crete Sceed over Undrfloor Heating